Fermentis Launches SafBrew™ DW-17, an All-in-One™ Solution for Creating Dry, Complex Beers

The precise blend of Active Dry Yeast and enzymes produces fruity, woody notes and a dry, complex character.

Fermentis is pleased to announce the launch of SafBrew™ DW-17, a new addition to their All-In-1™ line of blended products. SafBrew™ DW-17 is specifically designed to help brewers create beers with a distinctive, dry complexity and notes of fruit and woody aroma.
SafBrew™ DW-17 has a high level of phenols, specifically those that express smoky and woody, rather than clove character. It produces relatively high level of esters and higher alcohols. It also presents a lower pH compared to other All-in-1™ solutions that produces an appealing level of acidity.

Fermentis All-In-1™ products consists of a mix of micro-organisms, catalysts, nutrients and more. They are formulated for those uses when a single micro-organism is not enough. SafBrew™ DW-17 joins the All-In-1™ range with SafBrew™ HA-18, SafBrew™ DA-16 and SafBrew™ LD-20, now available in 500g and 25g; each of which reliably creates a very specific range of characteristics that brewers can achieve.

Fermentis, a company that creates fermentation solutions for brewers, winemakers and all producers of fermented beverages, is a business unit of Lesaffre Group, a global key player in yeast and all its applications for over 160 years. All fermentation products from Fermentis are developed with unsurpassed expertise under meticulous production procedures, which guarantees the highest microbiological purity and maximum fermentation activity.