Anderson Valley Brewing Company Releases “Black Light Ale”

Anderson Valley Brewing Company Releases “Black Light Ale” 

A Craft Beer Unicorn – Black Light is a Low Calorie, Low ABV, Full-Flavored Dark Ale

January 11, 2024 – Boonville Calif. – At Anderson Valley Brewing Company (AVBC), we decided our New Year’s resolution was to have our cake and eat it too. By “cake” we mean “beer,” and by “eat” we mean “drink a tasty, full-flavored, craft beer.” Never shy, Barkley, our antlered bear, chimed in as well, insisting it had to fit in with some of his resolutions too. It had to be under 100 calories (he’s watching his figure), under 4% ABV (he’s doing damp January and he also likes to have more than one) and it had to be fun (he IS an antlered bear after all). 

Thankfully, brewmaster Fal Allen had a solution at hand: a magical unicorn of a beer we have dubbed “Black Light” – a dark and delicious craft beer with only 95 calories and 7 carbs at 3.8% ABV. The multiverse will never be the same.

You may think to yourself, nay, this cannot be, but Black Light has Barkley’s official seal of approval and you would be surprised how skeptical antlered bears can be. Black Light has also been winning awards in blind tastings – including a recent Silver medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge. So we got busy making more of it to get it to you for the New Year.

“We’re overjoyed with this conundrum of a beer,” said Anderson Valley President and CEO Kevin McGee. “This beer shouldn’t taste as good as it does, but here it is. No corners were cut to bring you an actual light beer that still has full craft beer-flavored-beer flavor. It’s a legitimately amazing thing.”

So don’t be blinded by the “light”, this is a delicious craft beer, through and through. 

ABV: 3.8% | IBU: 18 | Cals: 95 | Carbs 7

Flavor Profile

Roasted malt, dark rye bread with nut


Hops: Northern Brewer

Malts: Pale Two-Row, Chocolate, Midnight Wheat, Black Rice

Yeast: House

Black Light is now available nationwide. Find it near you at

About Anderson Valley Brewing Company 

Founded in 1987, Anderson Valley Brewing Company brews hand-crafted, authentic beers with balance, complexity, and an unwavering commitment to sustainably producing world-class beer. As the World’s First Solar Powered Brewery, AVBC leads the craft beer industry as pioneers in responsible brewing and innovators in environmental sustainability practices. Anderson Valley Brewing Company beer is available in 40 states and at its taproom in Boonville, California. Learn more at