Swedish Trade Lead – Bibendum AB

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The Brewers Association is pleased to announce a trade lead regarding an export opportunity with one of the largest wine, spirit and beer importers and distributors in Sweden – Bibendum AB. This trade lead is being issued to Export Development Program subscribers only. This trade lead is only for breweries, not currently exporting to Sweden. Please note, that this trade lead was drafted by the import company directly. The BA made only limited edits where needed for comprehension.

If interested in this opportunity, please reply by email to Mark Snyder by Monday, February 11, 2013. 

Bibendum AB, Stockholm Sweden is one of the leading alcohol importers in Sweden and since 2005, part of the Altia Group. Altia is the largest alcohol group with over 15 companies around the Nordic countries and the Baltics. When Bibendum started in 1996 the main focus was growing the wine portfolio. Today our wide assortment includes wine, beer and spirits. Our portfolio consists of both large, global brands and smaller high-quality producers from all over the world.

The Bibendum success story includes the producers and brands but even more important is the Bibendum team and the passionate spirit in the company. The Bibendum team consists of approximately 25 people divided between the sales and marketing departments. The marketing side works closely with the sales side to optimize the impact in the market and to ensure healthy brands in a competitive environment. We always strive to improve and do this by working closely to our producers, customers and consumers.

Bibendum has the largest sales force for the beer trade in Sweden, except for the national breweries. This gives us great strength to build brands in everything from restaurants and night clubs to large chain accounts. We are acknowledged as one of the top brand builders within the trade and we always search for optimization between sales driven marketing and long term brand building.

Bibendum actively works with suppliers that take responsibility in their code of conduct according to the Global Compacts Principles. We believe that sustainability investments in people, processes and the environment will generate a better tomorrow and a higher, long term returns on investments.

Bibendum AB handles a range of beers from around the world; UK, Japan, Czech Republic and also distributes one of Sweden’s largest craft breweries, Nils Oscar Brewery. At this time, they have no American Craft Breweries in their portfolio.

Breweries of Interest:
Bibendum AB is interested in representing a brewery (ies) with a range of beer styles and that is eager to build export sales to Sweden. Our interest is both for the on- & off-trade, but mainly as a beginning with on-trade where we have approximately 700 direct buying accounts. We cover both bottle and keg accounts. For the off-trade we work with the Systembolaget, the Swedish government retail beer monopoly, which has 415 stores covering Sweden. We are also interested in submitting tenders, trying to win new beer listings with both bottles and cans. This will be a close and ongoing dialogue between us. Interested breweries are requested to submit brewery information, name and descriptions of brands, and a copy of each label.

If you are not currently exporting to Sweden and are interested in this trade lead, please reply to Mark Snyder via email by Monday, February 11th that you are interested in this trade lead and being put in contact with Bibendum AB.