Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival with the BA EDP

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The Brewers Association would like to inform all Export Development Program members of the 2011 Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival Competition.

2011 Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival

To participate in the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival through the Brewers Association Export Development Program, you must be a current member at the time of the event.  If you are not currently a member to the BA Export Development Program, contact Mark Snyder today.  Telephone: 720-473-7673 or by email:

The Brewers Association (BA) invites your company to participate in the 2011 Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival.  The BA will again participate in this event, one of Europe’s largest trade and consumer shows.  The show runs from September 29 – October 1 and again from October 6 – 8.  This will be the BA’s seventh appearance at the Festival.  Previous visits have resulted in new distribution for US craft beers in Sweden’s retail monopoly, the local on-premise sector, and elsewhere in Scandinavia.  We hope to continue that success by again featuring a range of beers and as always, all beers featured at the event through the BA will be submitted to the Festival’s international beer competition.

The BA’s participation in this event is funded by the Association’s Export Development Program.  EDP funds are used to sponsor a BA stand at the Festival, cover the costs of a consolidated shipment of beer and promotional materials to Sweden and entry fees for US brands into the international competition.

Breweries that win awards will be notified in mid-October, after the competition results are announced, with an awards ceremony presentation held at the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego.

The BA is prepared to cover the entry cost and shipping from the Brewers Association to the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival for Export Development Program members.  As this is a festival as well as a competition, please consider sending innovative, rare, seasonal, small batch and special beers.

Jorgen Hasselqvist of the Oliver Twist and organizer of the Brewers Association/Oliver Twist stand at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival has asked that participating breweries consider sending some unique beers that will catch the media’s and the festival attendee’s interest.

Cost: The BA will cover the entry cost and shipping from the Brewers Association to Sweden per brewery for Export Development Program members for all the beers.

Beer Required: The BA EDP is asking for 3 brands per brewery and 6 cases per brand – but we encourage you to send additional cases and brands for this 6-day festival.  The Brewers Association stand at the festival will be equipped to dispense draft beer and that is another opportunity for brand exposure, so please let Mark Snyder know if you can send any kegs along with your bottled/canned beers – please include a branded tap handle for each keg brand.  We want to emphasize that sending more or less beers is fine.  All beer brands submitted in bottles or cans will be entered into the competition.  Empty kegs will be returned to your brewery – if you are sending MicroStar kegs, these will be returned to the Colorado MicroStar distributor.

We will be shipping our American Craft Beer entries to this key international competition & festival via ocean.

POS: Sales sheets, brewery background pieces or press kits (75 copies of each item) are recommended but not required. Posters, coasters, beach towels, T-shirts, hats or other miscellaneous POS are also recommended but, again, not required.

The beers and any POS need to be delivered by Tuesday, August 2nd to: Brewers Association warehouse 3240 Prairie Ave, Unit A Boulder, CO 80301 Tel: 303-443-7198

And for customs, we need to know the following for each brand of beer you are sending:

* Name of the beer * Beer type * Quantity, # of bottles/cans of each beer brand * Units – i.e.: 12 oz bottles/cans, 22 oz bottles/cans, keg size, etc. * ABV%

Contact Mark Snyder now, at 720-473-7673, toll free: 888-822-6273, ext 137 or with any questions or to let him know, that you will be sending beers for the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.

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