Great British Beer Festival Smashing Success

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The Brewers Association’s Export Development Program for the fourth consecutive year participated in the Great British Beer Festival. 27 member breweries participated by sending over 114 beers for this festival. The BA displayed an assortment of US craft beers in the “USA and Rest of World” section of the show, which provided excellent exposure for American craft beers in general and, in particular, for brands already in the UK. The Brewers Association also hosted an American Craft Beer and Food Dinner at Benares in London, UK. Brewers Association Culinary consultant Adam Dulye designed the menu.

Notable Press for the Export Development Program at the Great British Beer Festival:
* Guardian Newspaper: The 10 best pints at the Great British beer festival – directing readers to try an American craft beer at the festival to see how the Americans do it.
* American Beers Curry Favour – great article on the American craft beer paired dinner at the Indian restaurant, Benares in London, UK.
* UK Brewers try to Catch Some ‘Craft’ Cool – article on UK brewers embracing the innovative, flavorsome American style and with UK breweries collaborating with American brewers.

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