Export Seminars at CBC in DC now Available

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The BA Export Development Program Seminars recordings that took place at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Washington, DC are available in the BA Members Only area: Export Development Presentations.

2013 BA Export Development Program Seminars / Craft Brewers Conference in Washington, DC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The TTB and Exporting – What You need to know Missy Keller, David McCaleb – The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

A two-part presentation consisting of technical information (e.g., rules, regulations, procedures) regarding the exportation of American craft beer, plus background on resources available from TTB and how the agency can assist industry members looking to export.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Canada Market – British Columbia Kimberly Giesbrecht, Acting Portfolio Manager – Liquor Distribution Branch British Columbia

U.S. craft beers have seen solid growth in British Columbia through the government-run liquor stores and private retail. British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch category manager Kim Giesbrecht will speak about the performance of American craft beers in the province and market opportunities.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> American Craft Beer in the Crowded European Drinks Market Michel Jamais, Consultant: wines, beers and spirits of the world

Join Swedish sommelier, chef, writer and educator Michel Jamais as he presents on the gains being made by American craft beer in Sweden and his recommendations to ensure American craft beer continues to receive attention in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe going forward.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Growing Market for U.S. Craft Beer in Australia James Smith, Crafty Pint Founder – Guide to Australian Craft Beer

The craft beer movement is taking hold in Australia with the formation of new craft beer associations and specialty bars and retailers. The U.S. industry is already taking advantage of opportunities created by these developments. James discusses Australia’s turn towards craft beer and what lies ahead for suppliers to the market.


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