Join the EDP at Expo Cerveza Trade Show Mexico RSVP August 3

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In conjunction with the USDA, the BA Export Development Program will participate in the Expo Cerveza trade show in Mexico City September 3-6, 2015.  Mark Snyder will represent the BA at the show, and we will send a consolidated shipment of beers from EDP members.

If you would like to participate, please confirm by Monday, August 3rd the following:

Will you send beers? (If yes, I will contact you on the amount needed and the deadline after August 3rd.)

Will you be participating in person?

It is important that EDP members let us know by August 3rd whether they plan to send beers and/or travel, so attending breweries can have a dedicated space on the stand and those that ship beer can be featured in the show’s printed materials. Please contact Mark Snyder by August 3rd if you plan to participate. Thank you for a quick response on your plans for Expo Cerveza.

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