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The Brewers Association Export Development Program would like to announce 2 trade leads to Europe.  Participation in these trade leads is open to Brewers Association members who are also Export Development Program members.

The first is to the UK and the second is to Spain.  If interested, please reply by Monday, May 10, 2010.

UK Trade Lead

The Brewers Association (BA) has established a strong relationship with Vertical Drinks, a UK-based craft beer importer.  Vertical Drinks already imports a number of brands from among EDP members.  In 2009, the BA coordinated its participation in the Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) through Vertical Drinks and we received good feedback on how the products were received. We are again considering participation in the 2010 GBBF with a wide assortment of American craft beers displayed and available at the GBBF’s Bieres Sans Frontieres (Beers Without Borders) tasting bar.

Based on their knowledge of interest in American craft beer in the UK, Vertical Drinks believes there could be additional sales opportunities for new-to-market American craft beer brands, particularly through the UK’s specialist retail shops and specialist beer bars. To gauge opportunities for each selected brand, Vertical Drinks is prepared to purchase a one-time volume of up to 600 cases total from among selected American breweries.  These beers would be sold to the company’s retail and on-premise accounts and sales will be assessed over time. Based on performance, follow-up orders may be placed.  At a minimum, this opportunity could provide some solid trade feedback to participating breweries about their products. A similar lead was issued last year. Vertical Drinks did end up purchasing beer from a number of breweries last year and this has resulted in subsequent orders for a few companies.

The BA has pledged to assist Vertical Drinks by publicizing this lead and compiling a list of interested EDP members that do not already have distribution in the UK and by consolidating the beer that is purchased at the BA’s warehouse in Boulder, Colorado. From that list, Vertical Drinks will research each brewery and their products and make a selection of products they wish to order.  If you do not presently have distribution in the UK and you wish to be considered for this export opportunity, please reply to Mark Snyder at by Monday, May 10, 2010.

Spain Trade Lead

This email has been prepared to outline a trade lead that the Brewers Association has been developing with one of the largest specialty beer importers and distributors in Spain.

Trade Lead Details

Robert Merryman, Craft Beer Sales Manager with Grup Galvez Condal Chef S.L. in Spain was a speaker at the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago.

Brief Summary

Grup Galvez handles products from 4 American craft brewers in Spain. The company is a leading importer and distributor of craft beers, handling a number of Belgian brands as well.  Grup Galvez takes great care in the products they carry, shipping beers in refrigerated containers, storing them in a refrigerated warehouse and distributing them using a fleet of refrigerated trucks The company is looking to add one other brand to its portfolio.

Breweries of Interest

Grup Galvez is interested in representing a brewery with a range of beer styles and that is eager to build export sales to Spain and potentially the rest of Europe.


Breweries interested in either of these trade leads should reply to Mark Snyder by Monday, May 10, 2010 at 303-447-0816 ext 137 (toll free: 888-822-6273, ext 137) or

Please contact me if you have any questions about these trade opportunities and/or the BA Export Development Program.

To participate in these activities you must be a member of the Export Development Program. If you are not already an EDP member, please contact Mark Snyder for information on joining.


Mark L. Snyder Export Development Program Manager Brewers Association

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