EDP Participating in the 2017 Planète Bière Paris and Barcelona Beer Festival

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The Brewers Association would like to inform all Export Development Program members of our next two Export Development Program activities: BA events at the 2017 Planète Bière in Paris, France and the 2017 Barcelona Beer Festival in Barcelona, Spain. The BA will feature a range of beers, promoting the diversity and quality of American craft beers.  At the Planète Bière Paris, BA Executive Chef Adam Dulye will conduct beer and food pairings.

The BA’s participation in these events is funded by the Association’s Export Development Program.  EDP funds are used to sponsor a BA stand at the Barcelona Beer Festival, the beer and food pairing events in Paris, covers the costs of a consolidated shipment of beer to France and Spain, and associated costs for US brands at these events.


Beers due to the East Coast warehouse by Wednesday, March 8th.


Register your beers now on the Brewers Association website. All details can be found on the BA Calendar page:

  • 2017 Planète Bière Paris
  • 2017 Barcelona Beer Festival


All beers will be consolidated in New Jersey

If you plan to attend either event in person, please contact Mark Snyder. Note: the amount of beer may be updated, depending on the number of BA EDP participants.