Craft Beer Ambassador Presents at The Beer Academy in U.K.

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The Brewers Association (BA) Masterclass in U.S. Craft Beers with BA Craft Beer Ambassador Sylvia Kopp was held at The Beer Academy in London at the end of November. The Beer Academy is an independent educational trust and the operating arm of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling.

This was one of the Beer Academy’s special edition tutored tasting events. The purpose of the evening was to demonstrate the quality, diversity, innovation and brewing precision of American craft beer. The media and beer loving public were invited to sample rare, seasonal and experimental craft beers. It was a unique event and seven American craft beers were sampled in total.

Sylvia Kopp Brewers Association Class

In attendance were leading international and national beer writers and media, and large retail-chain buyers.

The class lasted 90 minutes and guests were seated at desks with the beers in front of them. Sylvia explained the origins and background of each brewery, the brewing style and key ingredients as well as going through appearance, aroma, taste and finish.

The BA and the craft beer ambassador look forward to doing more of these tastings in 2016.