Braukunst Live! Festival 2014 MUNICH

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Note Deadline in the email: Contact Mark Snyder, no later than January 14th if you plan to participate. Braukunst Live! Festival 2014 beers to Brewers Association warehouse: Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Brewers Association would like to inform all Export Development Program members of the Braukunst Live! Festival 2014 in Munich, Germany.  You must be a BA EDP member to participate – if you are not, please contact Mark Snyder. Braukunst Live! Festival 2014 Munich, Germany February 21-23, 2014    

Braukunst Live! Festival 2014 is one of Germany’s largest trade and consumer shows.  The show runs from February 21-23, 2014.  This will be the BA’s first appearance at the Festival.  The BA will feature a range of beers, promoting the diversity and quality of American craft beers.  Andreas Fält and Mark Snyder will be representing the Brewers Association at the festival.

This is a great opportunity to get your beers in front of German consumers and the trade who will be at the show.

The BA’s participation in this event is funded by the Association’s Export Development Program.  EDP funds are used to sponsor a BA stand at the Festival, cover the costs of a consolidated shipment of beer and promotional materials to Germany and registration costs for US brands in the festival.

Cost The BA will cover the registration cost and a consolidated shipment of beer from the Brewers Association warehouse to Germany for Export Development Program members.

Beer Required Please contact Mark Snyder if you are interested in sending beers – no later than Tuesday, January 14th. The quantity will be determined, once I know the number of breweries who want to participate.

I will contact all participating breweries on Thursday, January 16th, on the number of brands/case quantity needed for this festival.

We will be shipping the American Craft Beers to this international festival via air.

The beers need to be delivered by Thursday, January 30th to the Brewers Association warehouse.

Customs & festival registration, we need to know the following for each brand of beer you are sending:

* Name of the beer * Beer type * Quantity, # of bottles/cans of each beer brand (full cases only) * Units – i.e.: 12 oz bottles/cans, 22 oz bottles/cans, etc. * ABV%

Contact Mark Snyder now at with any questions or to let him know, that you will be sending beers for the Braukunst Live! Festival 2014.  If you are not a BA Export Development Program member and want to participate, please contact Mark Snyder.