New Guide from EDP

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The Brewers Association Export Development Program has just launched their newest guide Best Practices Guide to Quality Craft Beer – Delivering Optimal Flavor to the Consumer.  We are pleased to provide you with a copy.  A copy was sent to all Export Development Program members.

Quality control has always been paramount to the EDP and the program provides a number of avenues to educate and address quality control issues with exported beer. A recent initiative related to encouraging better distribution and handling practices among trading partners has been the development of this new guide.  The QC guide was two years in the works.  While it is an end-product of the EDP, the project itself was led by Biochemist Gary Spedding, Ph.D., managing owner of Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services LLC, with guidance from a committee of representatives from EDP member breweries.

The guide is designed to provide general guidelines for distributors, shippers, publicans, sales staff, grocery stores, liquor outlets, bars and restaurants to better deliver high-quality craft beer.   Ultimately, the reputation and success of the craft brewer hinges on the ability to consistently deliver a quality product that satisfies the consumer.  We all have a role to play and improving beer handling and storage practices in the U.S. and around the world is an important step.  Thus we are asking for your help to ensure our QC message is delivered to the people with whom you do business.

If you would like additional copies of the Best Practices Guide to Quality Craft Beer – Delivering Optimal Flavor to the Consumer guide to share with your colleagues in the beer industry, please contact Mark Snyder.  The guide  is also available for download on the BA website.