BeerFest Asia Competition & Festival in Singapore: Invitation to Participate

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The Brewers Association Export Development Program (EDP) is planning to participate in the 2010 BeerFest Asia Competition & Festival in Singapore, We are inviting American craft breweries to participate through the Brewers Association Export Development Program.

To participate in this event you must be a member of the EDP. If you would like information on joining the EDP, please contact Mark Snyder at

The BA’s participation in this event is funded by the Association’s Export Development Program. Breweries that win awards will be notified after the competition results are announced in mid-June. The EDP winning members will also be recognized at an awards ceremony held at the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco.


The BA will cover the costs of shipping your beers from the Brewers Association warehouse to Singapore for Export Development Program members and for other costs associated with this competition and festival. Your costs are the beers and shipping to the BA warehouse.

Beer Required

The BA EDP is asking for 3 brands per brewery and 6 cases per brand for this competition and 5 day festival. Please send only bottled & canned beers. We want to emphasize that sending more or less beers is fine. All beer brands submitted will be entered into the competition. Note: please contact Mark Snyder if you would like to send additional brands and cases – this is to ensure that we have space for the beer shipment. You are welcomed to send fewer cases and brands.

Please contact me by Friday, May 21st with the beers you plan to enter into the competition, judging categories and the registration info. This is important as we need to submit the paperwork in advance for all the beer entries, so that the BeerFest organizers can schedule the judges needed for this competition.

Judging categories for this competition can be found at

The beers will be palletized for air shipment to Singapore to ensure the best possible quality of your beers for judging.

The Brewers Association will take care of the custom’s forms for all member breweries and pay all costs associated in getting your beers to the BeerFest Asia Competition & Festival from Boulder, Colorado as an Export Development Program member benefit.

Contact Mark Snyder now, at 303-447-0816 ext 137 (toll free: 888-822-6273, ext 137 or with any questions/comments regarding the BA Export Development Program or to let me know, that you will be entering the competition.


Mark L. Snyder
Export Development Program Manager
Brewers Association