Opening Day at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival

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The Brewers Association Export Development Program is participating in the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, which opens today, September 27 in Sweden.

Jörgen Hasselqvist of Great Brands is organizing the Brewers Association American Craft Beer stand and sent a photo of the setup.  Andreas Fält BA American Craft Beer Ambassador for Europe is also there helping with the stand.

30 BA Export Development Program members are participating by sending over 100 different American craft beer brands.

Thanks to all the BA EDP members who sent beers for this competition and festival.

Jörgen writes:
“Our crew rocks, very pleased with the buildup and I look forward to another epic event!! Since the beer arrived last Wednesday it has been nonstop but it has all been good!

With a new record for beers in the International competition( 1515 beers) it is tougher than ever but I am confident that me and Andreas will end up on stage next Thursday!!

Thanks again for your support, there is no doubt that the BA’s EDP participation at the SBWF is a huge reason for the success for US craft beer not only in Sweden, and we are proud to be apart of it!!!


Jörgen Hasselqvist
House of Ale AB c/o Oliver Twist
Great Brands