BA Export Survey for 2011

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Dear Brewers Association Member,

We are asking again for your help with our annual Export Development Program survey.

This information is important.  It is used in aggregate for reports on our program’s success to the US Department of Agriculture.  In turn, the data helps support future increases to our grant allocation.  The data also helps us better understand export trends and market priorities for EDP activities going forward.  Individual brewery data is not forwarded.  That data is held in the strictest confidence.

Please fill out the online survey by visiting:

Please reply to this survey by February 3, 2011. 

If you did not export any beers in 2011 please let me know. And if you are interested in exporting to any international markets for the first time in 2012, please let me know this too.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. 


Mark L. Snyder
Export Development Program Manager
Brewers Association

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