BA EDP Attends U.S. Craft Beer Tasting at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in The Hague

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The U.S. Ambassador in The Hague hosted an American craft beer event at his residence, which was a major draw for Dutch press, beer connoisseurs and beer industry contacts. The event was held Monday, January 26 and Mark Snyder, Brewers Association export development program (EDP) manager attended the event. The primary objective of the BA’s travel to The Netherlands was to promote American craft beer, including the diversity and innovations that differentiate BA member breweries from the European breweries. This goal encompasses boosting interest in U.S. craft brewery brands as well as elevating the overall image of the American craft brewing industry. Increased awareness and demand among consumers has the potential to significantly boost international sales and to expand international distribution for American craft breweries. The U.S. craft beer tasting attracted trade and media and having it hosted at the Ambassador’s residence was strong drawing point.


Overall, this event was a successful in meeting all objectives. Importers, restaurant and bar owners, retailers, consumers, entrepreneurs and media alike were exposed to various American craft beer brands and styles, highlighting the quality, diversity and innovation taking place within the U.S. craft beer industry. The tasting enabled the BA to interface and strengthen relationships with the Dutch importer who purchase American craft beer and those who are interested in learning more about the products.

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