BA’s Craft Beer Ambassador in Europe travels to The Netherlands

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Andreas Fält, Brewers Association American Craft Beer Ambassador in Europe recently traveled to Bier & Co. in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to present educational seminars on American craft beer to Bier & Co. staff and to trade and media contacts.  Bier & Co is one of Europe’s leading beer import and distribution companies.  The company has been connected to the EDP for many years and is one of the pioneering importers for American craft beers in Europe.  Bier & Co. handles a number of American craft beer brands and, through its network of partners, is able to serve markets throughout Europe.

Andreas gave the company’s new sales team members a comprehensive overview on the history of the American craft beer industry, and hosted a tasting of selected beers from the Bier & Co portfolio of American craft beers.

Rick Kempen, Senior Export Manager at Bier & Co stated that “since we have a lot of new hires in the sales team, as well as a new Sales Manager, it proved a valuable session in which our team members learned a lot which will help us all accelerate sales of American Craft Beer in The Netherlands”.

A subsequent Beer and Food pairing was at Brouw, a smoked meat and craft beer pub on Ten Kate Street in Amsterdam where a variety of people attended and listened to Andreas share the story of American craft beer with a tasting of various beer styles.  Industry trade were among the attendees, including the buyers and category managers for Holland’s largest liquor chain store Gall & Gall, as well as media from consumer and trade magazines (both on and off trade), beer and food bloggers, chefs and trend watchers.

The next day, Andreas presented to a group of 24 on-trade guests, including bar owners, bar staff and marketing staff in the town of Nijmegen, at the Cafe Samson, a specialty beer bar with a good selection of American craft beers.  Rick stated: “I’m led to believe the presentation and tasting will, after follow- up by our local Sales Rep, lead to some new and permanent outlets serving American Craft Beer in the university town of Nijmegen”.

This is just one example of the promotions and educational outreach that Andreas makes possible for the EDP in his role as BA’s European Craft Beer Ambassador.  We will provide more updates like this throughout the year.

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