American Craft Beer Thrives in London

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Post Great British Beer Festival, which featured over 150 American craft beers, the beer blogger known as “Impy Malting” made a special trip to The White Horse to satisfy her craving for Great Divide’s Anniversary IPA. Not only did she enjoy the IPA, she walked away with a stronger affinity for American craft beer and the “enthusiastic, open and friendly” tone in which the Brewers Association Export Development Program presents its information. Specifically she mentions the Brewers Association Guide to American Craft Beer.

“… I feel UK beer culture has not yet managed how to reach out to new beer drinkers or twenty-somethings without sounding like they are passing down some hallowed tradition that must be cared for in very specific ways.  On this front– describing the joys of beer to the uninitiated– the Americans have got it right,” said the blogger.

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On her trip, she enjoyed: