2012 European Beer Star Award Competition Invitation to EDP Subscribers to Participate

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The Brewers Association would like to inform all Export Development Program members of the 2012 European Beer Star Award Competition

Dates to send the beers to the Brewers Association for shipment to Germany, will come out later in July. 

Event Details
The European Beer Star Awards has developed to become one of the international brewing community’s most coveted awards recognizing original, innovative beers. Last year, the European Beer Star Awards reported a record number of competitors with 1,113 beers from 39 different countries.  This event represents an outstanding opportunity for you to have your beers judged against the worlds’ best.  For more information, please visit: http://www.european-beer-star.com 

Event Timeline
The European Beer Star Awards Competition judging takes place in early October.  Awards will be announced on November 14th 2012 at an award ceremony at the BRAU Bevial in Nuremberg.  The Brewers Association Export Development Program will present these awards to brewery representatives at its own ceremony at the 2013 Craft Brewers Conference in Washington, DC.

For beers being entered into the European Beer Star Competition, the BA will cover the entry cost and shipping, including customs charges from the Brewers Association to Germany for up to two brands (bottles and cans only) per brewery for Export Development Program members.  Breweries can submit more than two brands but will be asked to remit payment for the number of brands submitted beyond two. 

Beer Quantity Required
1 case of bottles or cans of each brand is needed for the European Beer Star competition.  However, please note, if your beer is a gold prize winner you will be requested to send an additional 3 cases for the Consumers’ Favorite – a blind tasting to receive the Consumers’ Favourite Award.  The BA will also cover the cost of that shipment, but you will be responsible for sending these beers to the BA warehouse.

Participation – Next Steps
If you wish to participate in the competition, please provide the following information to Mark Snyder. 

Brewery Name
Brand Entry 1 (Name, description of product, ABV%, bottle/can size and the category to enter the beer)
Brand Entry 2 (Name, description of product, ABV%, bottle/can size and the category to enter the beer)

The categories can be found on the website: http://european-beer-star.com/ebs12_en/downloads/E02_2012_Categories.pdf in the “Categories and Beers” section.

Contact Mark Snyder at mark@brewersassociation.org with any questions or to let him know that you will be entering the competition.

Additional information to participate with the BA Export Development Program will be coming out in the middle of July.

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