2011 BrewNZ Beer Awards with BA EDP

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The Brewers Association would like to inform all Export Development Program members that we will be participating in the 2011 BrewNZ Beer Awards.

The Brewers Guild of New Zealand invites breweries from all over the world to enter their beers for New Zealand’s premier beer competition, the BrewNZ Beer Awards. The beers will be judged by a panel of experts, led by US-based judge David Logsdon.

We will be shipping our American Craft Beer entries to this key international competition & festival via air.

For 2011, the Brewers Guild of New Zealand has adopted the 2010 World Beer Cup style guide, with the addition of New Zealand-specific and cider/perry styles.

Download the style guide here: http://brewersguild.org.nz/brewnz-beer-awards-august-2011

The entry fee is NZ$130.00 per entry (~$110.00 USD) per brand.  The BA is prepared to cover the entry cost and shipping from the Brewers Association to New Zealand for up to four brands (bottles and cans only) per brewery for Export Development Program subscribers.  There is no limit on the number of submissions per brewery but each brand is charged a separate fee, thus if you would like to send in more than 4 beer brands, the cost is US$110 per additional brand, which includes the entry fee and shipping.

If you wish to participate, please provide the following information:
Band Entry
•    Beer name
•    ABV %
•    Bottle/can size
•    Category to enter the beer (see the link below for the WBC Beer Style Descriptions)
•    Commercially available in NZ?
•    Brief description of product

Please send this information for each beer brand you are entering.

12 bottles or cans (12 oz size) or 6 bottles (22 oz size or 750 ml size) of each brand is needed for the competition.

Please send me by email, the beers you plan to enter into the competition and the registration info.  This is important as we need to submit the paperwork in advance for all the beer entries, so that the BrewNZ organizers can schedule the judges needed for this competition.  Please go to the BrewNZ website to determine the beer category – if you need assistance on this, please contact Mark Snyder. 

BrewNZ follows the Brewers Association World Beer Cup style descriptions and specifications – go to the BrewNZ website to figure out the competition category to enter your beers (bottom of page).  http://brewersguild.org.nz/brewnz-beer-awards-august-2011

The beer samples need to be delivered to the Brewers Association’s warehouse by Wednesday, July 6th.

Brewers Association warehouse
3240 Prairie Ave, Unit A
Boulder, CO 80301 
Tel: 303-443-7198

The beers will be palletized for air shipment to New Zealand.  We are flying the beers to New Zealand to ensure the best possible quality of your beers for judging.

The Brewers Association will fill out the entry forms for all the Export Development Program member breweries in this competition, pay for up to 4 brands per brewery into the competition and pay to fly the beers entered into the competition in New Zealand as an Export Development Program member benefit.

Contact Mark Snyder, at 303-447-0816 ext 137 (toll free: 888-822-6273, ext 137 or mark@brewersassociation.org) with any questions or to let him know, that you will be entering the competition.

To participate in the BrewNZ beer competition through the Brewers Association Export Development Program, you must be a current member at the time of the event.  If you are not currently a member to the BA Export Development Program, contact Mark Snyder today to join.