2010 Vancouver’s Hopscotch Festival Invitation

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Note Deadlines in the email: RSVP to send beers and also if you plan to participate in person: Monday, October 4, 2110 Vancouver’s Hopscotch Festival Beers to Brewers Association warehouse: Friday, October 15, 2010

The Brewers Association Export Development Program is participating in the 2010 Vancouver’s Hopscotch Festival.

The Brewers Association (BA) Export Development Program (EDP) invites you to participate in market activities in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.  These activities will include seminars and participation in the Vancouver’s Hopscotch Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The dates are November 15 – 21, 2010.

The BA’s participation in this event is funded by the Association’s Export Development Program.  EDP funds are used to sponsor a BA stand at the Festival, cover the costs of a consolidated shipment of beer and promotional materials to Vancouver BC, registration fees and other costs associated with BA staff attendance.

This is a very popular show that sells out quickly and this year they have added a third night.  In addition there is a well attended separate industry trade event on November 18th which attracts British Columbia Liquor Distribution Board officials, bar and restaurant owners, staff, media, etc.  The BA will be looking to have a prominent presence at this event.  We have purchased multiple booth spaces at the festival to create an “American craft beer pavilion”.

The BA is prepared to cover the booth rental and facility fees; and shipping from the Brewers Association to the Vancouver’s Hopscotch Festival for Export Development Program subscribers.

Cost The BA will cover the entry cost and shipping from the Brewers Association to Vancouver, BC per brewery for Export Development Program subscribers for all the beers.

Beer Required The BA EDP is asking for 2 brands per brewery and 4 cases per brand.  Due to space limitations at the booth we encourage breweries to limit what they send to only two brands.

POS: Sales sheets, brewery background pieces or press kits (25 copies of each item) are recommended but not required. Posters, coasters, beach towels, T-shirts, hats or other miscellaneous POS are also recommended but, again, not required.

The beers and any POS need to be delivered by Friday, October 15th to:

Brewers Association warehouse 3240 Prairie Ave, Unit A Boulder, CO 80301 Tel: 303-443-7198

Please send the following for each brand of beer you are sending:

* Name of the beer * Beer type * Units – i.e.: 12 oz bottles/cans, 22 oz bottles/cans, etc. * ABV%

Contact Mark Snyder now with any questions or to let him know, that you will be sending beers for the Vancouver’s Hopscotch Festival.   If you have already told me you are participating, please confirm this too by Friday, October 1.

Note: you must be a Brewers Association Export Development Subscriber to participate.  Contact Mark Snyder for information on joining if you are already not a subscriber.