To promote and protect American craft brewers, their beers, and the community of brewing enthusiasts.

Core Values & Beliefs


Nurturing a collegial and supportive community of craft brewers, their employees, homebrewers, and beer drinkers.


Promoting and celebrating the innovative spirit and variety of small and independent American craft brewers.


Supporting continuous improvement and brewing excellence through a learning and collaborative culture.


Advocating for fair access and equitable treatment for all American craft brewers, their employees, homebrewers, and beer drinkers.


Establishing and promoting safe, responsible, and ethical business practices.


Strengthening and ensuring long term environmental, economic, and community health through best practices and resources.


The Brewers Association will support the longevity of the craft brewing community by advancing these strategic objectives:

  • Promote access to markets and raw materials
  • Support research and advances in sustainability, education, technology, and raw materials
  • Exercise political influence to secure fair legislative and regulatory treatment
  • Foster the commitment to holistic safety, quality, and operational excellence
  • Educate consumers, retailers, and wholesalers to value and champion beer from craft brewers and to grow the market
  • Encourage innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to a thriving beer culture among craft brewers, homebrewers, and beer enthusiasts
  • Ensure trust with our members
  • Continuously adopt and promote organizational practices that are so inclusive, equitable, and just that diversity of all kinds flourishes
  • Promote and support the well-being (and a sense of belonging) of the people of the craft brewing community
  • Promote sustainable operational practices that enhance environmental stewardship
  • Preserve and share brewing history and knowledge
  • Promote business practices that improve economic and social sustainability
  • Promote independent brewers