Water Chemistry for Consistent Brewing

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Speakers: Ian Galloway, Mark Timmons

If beer is 90% water, your water is the KEY ingredient in your brew. The Water Dr., Mr. Mark Timmons, dives in to WHY you should know the chemistry make-up of your water to determine the best water treatment for your most prized investment, your brew!

US Water Systems has been in the water treatment and filtration biz for the brewing and cannabis industry for over 10 years. We proudly assist various brewers from our most valued home brewers all the way up to one of the largest craft breweries in the U.S. No story is the same in water filtration, so come prepared with questions to ask about your unique water profile.

Oh, and a little bonus, Mark’s jokes are free of charge!

About the Speakers

Mark Timmons

Mark Timmons, President

US Water Systems

Mark and his wife Patty are the founders of US Water Systems, a U.S. based water treatment solutions company that specializes in water treatment for homes, businesses and various industries.

As the longest tenured (48 years) Master Water Specialist in the U.S., Mark also writes a blog called "Ask the Water Doctor" and is recognized as a key expert in the field of water treatment. He has been on the cutting-edge of water treatment and was, in fact, one of the pioneers 25 years ago into hydrogen peroxide technology for treating problem water.

Water for laboratories, cannabis and hemp, and water for craft beer brewing are three areas of his expertise. Beer is 90% water, after all!

P.S. His jokes are free. You're welcome!

Ian Galloway

Ian Galloway, Sales Rep

US Water Systems

Ian Galloway is a sales representative for US Water Systems. Prior to working in water treatment, Ian spent over 10 years as a professional craft brewer for several local brewery's in the Indianapolis area. Indianapolis is a city with notoriously hard water and Ian is a strong believer in the benefits of water treatment for beer brewing. Ian's past experience in the industry has been a valuable addition to the team at US Water Systems.

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