Upward and Onward: Post-Pandemic Planning for Breweries

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Speaker: Jim Mackay

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still playing out in real-time as breweries grapple with unexpected and unprecedented challenges, but there is a lot to learn from what we’ve already been through. 

Jim Mackay, CEO of Ska Fabricating, discusses what he sees as the brewing industry’s path forward, what breweries large and small can do to protect their businesses from an uncertain future, and what role packaging can have in creating a new business model that can weather such an unpredictable storm. 

About the Speaker

Jim Mackay

Jim Mackay, CEO

Ska Fabricating

Jim Mackay began his career as a software developer, eventually becoming CTO of a public company. He migrated to marketing and business development for enterprise software companies. Jim has spent the last 10+ years working with startups of all stripes, and co-founded a startup accelerator in Southwest Colorado. These days he enjoys working with Manufacturing companies, and has found the perfect fit with Ska Fab. Who wouldn't love working with an amazing team making equipment for breweries and other craft beverage companies?

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