Understanding Can Package Compatibility

Sponsored by American Canning

American Canning
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Speakers: Jeremy Hill, Melody Gregson

This sponsored BA Collab Hour webinar provides an in-depth look at what is coating the inside of your can. As your brand portfolio expands, understanding how beverage ingredients interact with can liner is critical. What works for beer doesn’t always work beyond that.

About the Speakers

Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill, Director of Operations

American Canning

Jeremy Hill's passion lies in craft beer, allowing his career path to naturally take shape within the industry in beverage production and packaging operations. Having worked in and led American Canning's mobile canning operations for nearly a decade, Jeremy has traveled thousands of miles to can any and all beverage types, with a specific focus on helping Texas craft producers share their creations with the world. Throughout his tenure, Jeremy has helped develop in many areas of the business, all leading to his current role as Director of Operations where he oversees all warehouse, shrink-sleeve production, and mobile canning activities.

Melody Gregson

Melody Gregson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

American Canning

Melody Gregson found her love for business to business operations through her family's commercial agriculture business and so embarked on a career to reflect that. With over a decade of experience in the craft industry, she worked from an internship and up the ladder to Director of Marketing for Yakima Chief Hops prior to joining American Canning. Gregson quickly achieved her goal of launching an e-commerce site for can packaging supply distribution for the company once she began in 2017. She continues to improve sales and marketing processes for American Canning for improved customer experiences, with the passion of making life easier for small business owners as the driving force.

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