The Connected Brewer: Leveraging Real-Time Fermentation Monitoring to Boost Product Quality and Operational Efficiency

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Precision Fermentation
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Speakers: Dave Frizzell, Erik Myers

The fermentation management process that brewers use today has changed little for thousands of years. Successful outcomes are traditionally arduous and very dependent on the expertise and skill of each brewery’s staff. Can it be improved, as a process?

This webinar examines the most critical factors that impact product quality and production efficiency during fermentation, the typical workflows that brewers use to manage these outcomes, and an emerging technology-driven paradigm that can help elevate brewing processes and outcomes. Real-time fermentation monitoring and trend analysis enables better outcomes for both product and business, and can help individual brewing companies maximize efficiency, while at the same time improve product and business outcomes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Challenges with the traditional methods of fermentation analysis and management: product control, repeatability, and efficiency
  • What is real-time fermentation monitoring?
  • Key metrics of fermentation: Dissolved oxygen, pH, gravity, pressure, temperature, and conductivity
  • The key benefits of graphical representation of fermentation data
  • Correlating empirical data with subjective evaluation to maintain quality
  • Real-world stories about data-driven fermentation in production

About the Speakers

Dave Frizzell

Dave Frizzell, Senior Product Development Specialist

Precision Fermentation

Dave Frizzell is a Senior Product Development Specialist with Precision Fermentation. He manages all on-tank product testing programs for the BrewMonitor System. Previously, he led QA efforts for a series of breweries, first in the Boston area and then in Raleigh-Durham, including Jack's Abby Craft Lagers, Trophy Brewing, and Starpoint Brewing. Dave is widely experienced in the intricacies of the fermentation processes, across many varieties of yeast and bacteria, based on years of hands-on production management for world class beers. Dave received his B.S. in Biology from the University of Massachusetts with a focus on microbiology and human pathology.

Erik Myers

Erik Myers, Director of Brewing Operations

Fullsteam Brewing

Erik Lars Myers is an author, brewer, and lover of beer. He currently works as the Director of Brewing Operations at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, N.C., where he strives toward innovation every day while supporting the Southern Beer Economy by using brewing ingredients sourced and grown across the American South. He was the Founder, CEO, and Head Brewer of Mystery Brewing Company in Hillsborough, N.C. and has written several books about beer and homebrewing.

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