Solving Hazy IPA Premature Settling & Removing Hop Creep with a Single Solution

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Glacier Hops Ranch
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Speakers: Tom Britz, Michael Flemmens

Do you have a hazy IPA in your lineup? Have you had problems with keeping the haze in your hazy IPA consistent? Has the shelf life of your hazy IPA been shorter than you would like? Have you experienced hop creep in your IPAs?

If you answered yes to any of these, then this webinar is for you. Find out how a single solution has addressed both desirable turbidity with a long shelf life in hazy IPAs, and how hop creep has been eliminated.

About the Speakers

Tom Britz

Tom Britz, CEO

Glacier Hops Ranch

Tom's career background has been primarily in marketing and business development, and he became the visionary behind what is now Glacier Hops Ranch.

Tom held senior marketing positions in the ski resort industry in both Michigan and Colorado, and he served on numerous regional and national Boards during his tenure in the ski industry.

In 2015, Tom was elected as the historic, first-ever national At-Large Director of the Hop Growers of America (HGA) and was subsequently appointed as National Chairman of the HGA's Small Grower Council, which oversaw the development of Enterprise Cost Studies and Best Practices for small hop growers during his tenure.

Tom and his wife Annie were nationally ranked in the cow horse sports of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting, but now most of Tom's involvement is an occasional trail ride in the forest around the hop farm.

Michael Flemmens

Michael Flemmens, VP Technical Business Development

SoRSE Technology

Michael Flemmens brings over 20 years of experience as a research scientist in technical support and product development.

Prior to SōRSE, he served as Director of Corporate Technology Development for Secant Group, LLC. Michael has worked on a patented new cancer treatment, had a Type IV Drug Master File approved by the FDA, and received JECFA approval for a new food ingredient. He has also designed the build-out of seven novel manufacturing lines, and has held multiple government contracts for novel security products. Michael earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Towson University.

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