Safety: What Matters Is Energy

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Have you ever considered that all workplace hazards are an exchange of energy? Gravity breaks bones if we fall. Heat from a boilover burns our skin. And even bad vibes in the brewery cause chemical changes in the brain. In this BA Collab Hour webinar with safety expert and Brewery Safety: Principles, Processes, and People author Matt Stinchfield, learn to see all hazards as the harmful transfer of energy to yourself, others, your product, equipment, or the environment. This way of looking at workplace safety can become your new superpower.

About the Speaker

Matt Stinchfield

Matt Stinchfield

The Brewery Safety Guy

Matt Stinchfield has spent four decades in environmental health and worker safety. He is the former Brewers Association (BA) Safety Ambassador (2015-2022), member of the BA Safety Subcommittee (2013-present), and a frequent speaker at conferences, state guilds, and webinars.

Over his lengthy career, Matt has developed straightforward advice for those trying to deal with complex regulations in competitive business environments. He understands that the foundations of effective safety culture are the same as those for running any successful organization. Matt is the author of the Brewers Publications title, Brewery Safety: Principles, Processes, and People.

Currently, Matt offers safety and design consultation to breweries and distilleries as The Brewery Safety Guy. In his spare time, he forages mushrooms and wrangles trout.

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