Navigating Can Packaging in 2022 (and Beyond)

Sponsored by American Canning

American Canning
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Speakers: Melody Gregson, David Racino, Michael Roman

In recent news, craft brewers have experienced dramatic changes in printed can availability – leaving more uncertainty in packaging supply. In this sponsored BA Collab Hour, American Canning leads a discussion on how to best navigate the ever-changing supply chain for can packaging so brewers are better equipped to start the year with certainty.

About the Speakers

Melody Gregson

Melody Gregson, VP of Sales and Marketing

American Canning

Growing up on a family farm, Melody Gregson developed a love for small business and hand-crafted experiences early on. Graduating in International Business and Business Management, Melody was hired into the craft industry as a marketing intern for Hopunion, later acting as Director of Marketing for Yakima Chief Hops. It is there that Gregson combined her love of local agriculture with a passion for helping business owners build their brands. After nearly a decade in raw ingredients, Gregson joined American Canning in 2017 with the goal of simplifying can supply via e-commerce. Looking forward, Gregson is excited to continue to improve craft customers' experiences as it relates to packaging and accessibility.

David Racino

David Racino, CEO and Co-Founder

American Canning

David Racino has dedicated himself to serving the craft beverage industry since co-founding American Canning in 2013. From day one, David has embodied an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a lawn service and selling candy in elementary school. He studied business administration in college, starting his career in financial services before becoming CEO of American Canning.

For Racino and his co-founder, the impetus to start American Canning was a desire to help consumers gain greater access to quality craft beer, by bridging the gap of accessibility to cans between large can manufacturers and small to mid-size craft brewers. Starting as a mobile canning service provider in the state of Texas, Racino and his partner have since grown the company to encompass shrink-sleeve production, machine manufacturing, and nationwide packaging supply distribution. In 2022, they will reach another milestone by launching printed can manufacturing.

Michael Roman

Michael Roman, Artwork Manager

American Canning

Michael Roman brings his creativity to the workplace as an illustrator, helping craft manufacturers create eye-catching can packaging. With a ten-year career in graphic design, focused primarily on print and pre-press, Roman provides expert insight into best practices for packaging design, whether it be for taproom sales or retail shelves. During his time with American Canning, Roman has developed the art department for pre-press in shrink-sleeve labeling and is now preparing for dry offset printing for can manufacturing. With a deep understanding of label styles, varnish types, and unique production and printing capabilities, Roman is uniquely positioned to help craft brands create a seamless experiences across multiple mediums and brands.

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