How To Stay Ahead of Your Equipment Planning: Choosing the Right Partner

Sponsored by ProBrew

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Speakers: Brian Loughrey, Evan Rusch

The beverages you create, your production output, even the footprint of your building is truly unlike any other brewery. That is why when it comes to your equipment, you need solutions that are tailored to meet your exact specifics. From brewing, carbonating, fermenting, and canning, your organization needs equipment focused on delivering what you need to create the best beverage possible.

In this sponsored BA Collab Hour webinar, Brian Loughrey and Evan Rusch from ProBrew discuss how brewers and operations managers can get ahead of their equipment planning, regardless of your brewery’s age or square footage.

About the Speakers

Brian Loughrey

Brian Loughrey, Director of Business Development - Brewing


Brian Loughrey comes from a storied background working with companies like Heineken, Diageo and Goose Island. Having started on the operations side of breweries for a company that sold grain, hop contracting, hops, malts, and yeast, he's now ProBrew's go-to brewing guy for his expertise on malts, malting, brewhouse design, and the brewing process. Brian is very active in the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) and was recently Vice President of the Milwaukee District chapter. Brian has worked for TechniBlend / ProBrew for seven years, helping launch ProBrew. He currently helps develop projects in brewing, co-packing, ready-to-drink (RTD), and more.

Evan Rusch

Evan Rusch, Marketing Manager


Evan Rusch is the Marketing Manager for TechniBlend and ProBrew. A newcomer to the industry, Evan has a passion for telling the stories of the partner breweries that we empower through our equipment.

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