Creative Brewery Maintenance

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Speakers: Seán Diffley, Jon Gagne

In every brewery, beneath the cloud of wort vapor and amidst the smell of piney hops, lurk the mechanical beasts that need to be tamed. Without proper preventative and routine maintenance of every system in a brewery, and a team or individual to focus on these tasks, a brewery cannot operate efficiently. Broken machinery becomes catastrophic and down time causes the brewery to hemorrhage financially.

This BA Collab Hour focuses on some simple and efficient uses of organization and communication to increase the effectiveness of your maintenance program. A fully functioning and dynamic maintenance program is key to running a safe, quality-conscious, and reliable brewing operation.

About the Speakers

Seán Diffley

Seán Diffley, Engineering Director

Allagash Brewing Company

Seán Diffley has been with Allagash Brewing Company since 2012, and oversees all aspects of engineering, including CapEx projects, brewing and facility maintenance, and IT. Hailing from Ireland, Seán has worked at companies in Canada, Chile, and Australia. Seán also serves on the Brewers Association Engineering Subcommittee.

Jon Gagne

Jon Gagne, Engineering Manager

Maine Beer Company

Jon Gagne is the Engineering Manager at Maine Beer Company in Freeport, Maine. Jon has degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Maine and a Diploma in Brewing from The American Brewer's Guild. He came to Maine Beer Company as a brewer in 2015 after 10+ years in the Pulp & Paper and Allied Industries. He helped expand the brewery to a fully automated 60BBL Brewhouse and all the associated utilities, cellar, and packaging equipment, then built from the ground up, the Engineering and Maintenance Department that serves MBC's entire operations. He has been on the BA Engineering Subcommittee since 2019. When not fixing things that make beer, he likes to spend time with his wife and 2 daughters at their family camp in Mid-Coast Maine.

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