Capture Your CO2 – Case Studies to Reduce Cost & Increase Resilience

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Speakers: Charlie Berger, Amy George, Kevin Shaw, Rick Wehner

Carbon capture has been a dream of craft brewers. As leaders like Sierra Nevada demonstrated it was possible for the craft industry, small and medium-size craft brewers have wanted to capture their own CO2, reduce emissions, and reduce the reliance on commercial CO2. In a post-COVID-19 world, many brewers have seen CO2 shortages and price spikes, when they are using more CO2 due to packaging, making it a necessity to meet revenue goals.

This webinar shares background on small craft CO2 usage, survey trends in price and supply. You’ll hear about carbon capture case studies from Denver Beer Co. and Buoy Beer, among others. Brewers will walk away with an understanding of why breweries are implementing carbon capture technology, where it is installed, how the team members manage it, and the long-term benefits. There will be an example of how to capture and sell excess CO2 to turn a waste stream into revenue. In addition, breweries will hear about new sustainability incentives and finance opportunities.

About the Speakers

Charlie Berger

Charlie Berger, Founder

Denver Beer Co.

Charlie Berger is co-founder of Denver Beer Co., one of the largest independently owned and operated breweries in Colorado. Using locally sourced grain and the finest ingredients available, traditional methods, and innovative spirit, Denver Beer Co. creates craft beer that is "damn delicious" and wins awards to prove it. Denver Beer Co. believes in environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility, producing their beer using 100% clean solar power. This year they implemented CO2 capture technology to reduce their CO2 waste.

Charlie was born and raised in Denver and is proud of his heritage as a fifth generation Coloradoan. He has worked in the craft beer industry since 2004 with several well-known craft breweries across the U.S. Charlie attended the Siebel Institute of Technology and the Doemans Brewing Academy in Munich, where he was trained by some of the world's most acclaimed brewing professionals, and earned his International Diploma in Brewing Technology.

Amy George

Amy George, CEO and Founder

Earthly Labs

Amy George is founder and CEO of Earthly Labs, a carbon capture company with a mission to capture, convert, and avoid 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Developed with the help of leading Austin breweries, Earthly Labs CiCi technology helps leading craft brewers capture and reuse their own CO2, and potentially sell the excess. For the past 20 years, George has delivered impact through her entrepreneurial leadership at diverse ventures - from helping industrial leaders like Cemex and Nestle reduce millions of tons of industrial emissions with artificial intelligence software, to inventing reusable consumer products that reduce millions of disposables in landfills and oceans. George has been recognized by Forbes and Fast Company and her products have been awarded "Top 100 Green Products for the World." George holds an MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship and environmental management from The University of Texas and is a mom of two boys, who are her inspiration.

Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw, Director of Brewing Operations

Buoy Beer Company

Kevin Shaw is Director of Brewing Operations at Buoy Beer Co, in Astoria, Ore., who specializes in traditional lagers and Northwest ales on the banks of Oregon's wildest river. He managed the evaluation and deployment of Earthly Labs carbon capture solution this year to address sustainability goals, pricing increases, and potential shortages.

While teaching 3rd grade in Seattle, Kevin began homebrewing and he has not stopped brewing since. Kevin went on to join Star Brewing in northeast Portland, doing every imaginable job until the brewery was forced to close. Kevin attended Seibel Institute of Brewing Technology in Chicago and upon completion of his coursework, Kevin landed a job in Yakima, Wash. working for the microbrewing pioneer Bert Grant at Yakima Brewing and Malting.

After Yakima, Kevin wanted to return to Portland and joined BridgePort Brewing as a shift brewer, Lead Brewer, and finally Head Brewer for over 14 years. He left to join the Buoy Beer Company team to run operations, growing the Astoria gem into a leader in the Northwest.

Rick Wehner

Rick Wehner, Founder

Brewery Finance

Rick Wehner founded Brewery Finance in 2005 as a way to help the craft brewing community. The first equipment finance company created for America's craft beer trade, Brewery Finance has provided nearly 1,500 startup and established brewers with vital funding to help them launch, grow, and flourish. Rick's methods for finding brewery funding are almost as creative as craft beer, and he is a proud Colorado native and resident. In addition to exceptional craft beer, Rick believes in Colter Wall, Slow Pour Pils, good horses, and the power of a good honkytonk.

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