Brewing with Enzymes

Sponsored by Novozymes

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Speaker: Mark Stevens

In this BA Collab Hour webinar for craft brewers, presented by Novozymes, learn how enzymes can work in your brewhouse to aid your process, time, cost, and raw material savings.

Obtain general knowledge on:

  • What enzymes are and how they work
  • How to add enzymes into the brewing process
  • Five enzyme classes and how they ease filtration, eliminate diacetyl rest, meet attenuation targets, and optimize raw materials to save on labor and cost

About the Speaker

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens, Master Brewer/Scientist


Founded in 2017, Tar Banks Brewing Co. is a nano brewery located in downtown Louisburg, North Carolina. Mark Stevens is both a Tar Banks co-founder and one of the Senior Research Associates at Novozymes. He grew up in a farming community and became interested in brewing via an early interest in wine fermentation. He uses his background in mechanics and degree in biotechnology to help customers get the most from our enzymes. And he uses his fascination with organisms on a molecular level to help him in his pursuit of the perfect craft beer. He loves to share his knowledge about how enzymes can help improve craft brews.

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