A Journey Through IPA

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Lallemand Brewing
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Speaker: Robert Percival

This webinar takes a journey through history to discover the origins and development of IPA and how the craft beer revolution has reinvented the style. The team at Lallemand assesses the role of yeast and compare options to create a diverse range of modern IPA styles. What is new and where does IPA go from here? Find out with Lallemand Brewing.  

Key learning objectives:

  • Outline the origins and development of the IPA style
  • Discover the key characteristics and fermentation options for brewing a range of IPA styles
  • Create and shape your new IPA recipe

About the Speaker

Robert Percival

Robert Percival, Regional Sales Manager

Lallemand Brewing

Robert is a qualified brewing professional with extensive experience in quality and technical roles in beer production, having been a technical brewer and QA analyst, with quality experience across manufacturing and packaging for both multi-national and regional brewing companies in the United Kingdom.

Now working for yeast and bacteria specialists Lallemand as the technical sales manager for Europe, he was the IBD young brewer of the year for 2013/2014 and is an expert in the fields of fermentation and cask beer production. In 2016 Robert qualified as a Doemans Beer Sommelier via the World Brewing Academy program.

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