2022 Craft Brewery Trends for Sales & Growth

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Speaker: Loren Bendele

After the last couple of years that turned the hospitality world upside down, you may be wondering where your craft business falls among others nationwide. In this BA Collab Hour webinar, Arryved POS (point of sale) discusses results from the 2022 Craft Brewing Trends Survey. Learn from other breweries that shared:

  • Historic sales and channels
  • Projections for the coming year
  • Growth opportunities
  • Technology solutions

Craft is all about community and collaboration. Learn from breweries just like yours and from those you aspire to be like!

About the Speaker

Loren Bendele

Loren Bendele, CEO

Arryved POS

Loren Bendele has spent his career building, leading, and advising disruptor tech companies, such as Savings.com, Niche, and Thrive Market. He's now the Chief Executive Officer of Arryved, an innovative fintech company going above and beyond standard point of sale (POS) systems with thoughtful software as a service (SaaS) and best-in-class customer support. On the weekends, this Texas native can be found exploring the Rocky Mountains or brewery-hopping around his home in Boulder, Colorado.

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