U.S. Beer Imports by Country 2010

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The volume of beers imported to the U.S. grew 4.9% in 2010, reaching 27,142,402 barrels. Imports peaked in 2007 at 29,694,714 bbls and then suffered through a 3% drop in 2008 followed by a whopping 10% volume drop in 2009. The growth in 2010 allowed the imported beer segment to gain back more than a third of the barrels lost during the recessionary period. Here is a list of the ten countries that send the most beer to the U.S. Several of them are mostly associated with a single supplier.

1. Mexico

2. Netherlands

3. Canada

4. Germany

5. Belgium

6. Ireland

7. United Kingdom

8. Jamaica

9.  Italy

10. Dominican Republic

There are three countries that did not ship beer to the United States in 2009 that did so in 2010–Nepal, Uganda and Netherlands Antilles.

There are nine countries that shipped beer to the United States in 2009 that did not in 2010–Cameroon, Cayman Islands, Djibuti, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Macedonia, San Marino and South Africa.

We’ll have data coming out on a faster growing sector of the beer industry–craft brewers– with the Brewers Association Power Hour with SIG’s Dan Wandel on Feb. 17, followed by a press release the first week of March, my detailed presentation in San Francisco on March 24, the May/June issue of The New Brewer and then the BrewersAssociation.org Members-Only area.

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