Knowing what PPE is Required for Handling Various Chemicals

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How do I know what personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for handling various chemicals?

The Safety Exchange Says: Choosing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical process in assuring your safety in the brewery. Gloves, boots, splash protection, and respiratory PPE vary greatly depending on the substances encountered and the task at hand.

Your employer should maintain a current copy of the safety data sheet (SDS) for every chemical product used in the brewery. Consult Section 8 of the SDS for protective equipment suggestions. (Learn more about the SDS at:

Know that not all PPE is not created equal. Consult chemical compatibility charts from PPE manufacturers. Even the best PPE will begin to fail over time, so learn to properly inspect and replace PPE. Remember that PPE is only one form of hazard control. Product substitution or elimination, safe work practices, and engineering controls usually provide higher levels of prevention and protection.

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