Brewers Association Asks eBay to Stop Facilitating Sale of Stolen Brewers’ Property

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The Brewers Association led an effort with MicroStar Logistics and the Beer Institute today to request that eBay no longer allow the sale of used kegs without proof of sale. The letter on combined letterhead to eBay’s President John J. Donahoe starts:  “On behalf of the members of the Brewers Association, the Beer Institute, and clients of MicroStar Logistics, we write to ask that eBay immediately stop facilitating the sale of stolen beer kegs by allowing unauthorized individuals to sell them using your service.” The letter references 27 CFR § 25.141, which requires that beer kegs are to be permanently marked with the name of the owner.

The impetus behind the letter started in the Brewers Association (BA) technical committee. Staff brought the project to McDermott Will & Emery’s Art DeCelle who composed the first draft, and BA staff, led by Programs Manager Pete Johnson, incorporated input from the Beer Institute and MicroStar Logistics. (The Brewers Association supports the Small BREW Act. While the Beer Institute opposes the Small BREW Act, BA staff and BI staff still seek ways to work together on issues of common interest.) The letter mailed on March 6, 2015.

The letter also discusses the financial realities of keg loss to the companies that own them and the safety issues related to pressurized kegs, removal of keg valves or components and tampering.

The letter includes an invitation to eBay:  “We would be happy to collaborate with eBay to check lawful ownership of kegs, prevent the sale of stolen kegs and to restore kegs to their rightful owners.”


Paul Gatza


Brewers Association

March 6, 2015