Breweries in Planning Climb Over 1,300

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The July 31, 2012 snapshot of our database has yielded the following counts:

U.S. operating breweries is at 2,142, up from 2,126 at the end of June.

U.S. operation breweries that are Brewers Association members is at 1,526, up from 1,517 at the end of June.

U.S. breweries in planning is at 1,303, up from 1,252 at the end of June.

In addition to our operational member count, the Brewers Association is comprised of 147 international brewery members, 58 contract brewing company members, 10 other brewery-related memberships, 850 planning members, 477 allied trade members, 396 distributor members, 709 individual professional division members and 28,835 American Homebrewers Association members (33,524 counting affiliates that are part of family memberships).

Craft brewing and the Brewers Association just keep on growing. We have 555 more breweries in planning than a year ago and 347 more operating U.S. breweries.

Paul Gatza

August 16, 2012



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