2011 Brewery Data Now in BAMO

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We swim in a sea of acronyms at the Brewers Association. We have relationships on government affairs matters with the BI, NBWA, ABL, ABI, WI, WA and DISCUS. We work together with ASBC, IBD and MBAA on various technical brewing matters. Internal we have BA, AHA, CBC, GABF, BP, BRD, etc. Can you guess what TBAGTSYOB stands for?

One of our newer acronyms is BAMO, standing for Brewers Association Members Only. BAMO is the area of the website where we dig deeper on technical, pipeline and statistical material, archived presentations from BA staff and Power Hours and  marketing resources.

There is the 2011 final data now available in the Craft Brewery Stats area of the BAMO. This file has tabs that provide an estimate of number of craft barrels of beer produced in each state. While we don’t know the host brewer for all contract or alternating proprietor beer, we’ve made our best stab at quantifying the data by state. Another tab includes barrels by TTB control group for craft brewers. The May/June issue of The New Brewer provides lists for each brewery, when the brewer provides data by site. As around 360 breweries serve as part of multiunit companies, this tab is just another way to cut the same data.

We also have tabs for capita per brewery by state, number of breweries by state that operated for some or all of 2011, and craft beer historical data. The historical data tab should be helpful for those doing business planning. Enjoy.

And, by the way, TBAGTSYOB stands for “The Brewers Association Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery.”

Paul Gatza

July 16, 2012