Need a Sales Boost? Go Big for Small Brewery Sunday!

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Small Brewery Sunday Returns Nov. 29

Even in the best of times — which these are not! — the fall and winter period can be a challenging stretch. Colder temperatures put a damper on on-premise activity, and it can be hard to cut through the noise of the holiday season, when every business under the sun is angling for attention and consumer dollars.

We’re Here to Help

In 2019, the Brewers Association launched Small Brewery Sunday, a beer holiday that falls on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. (“The perfect celebration to wrap up Thanksgiving weekend,” writes Food & Wine.) The goal is to drive in-person visits and purchases — not just on the holiday itself but before and after, too.

Given that many breweries have limited marketing resources and reduced staff, the core of our Small Brewery Sunday effort involves equipping your brewery with turn-key promotional assets you can use on social (as well as other digital channels) to generate more business during this seasonal slowdown.

Images, videos, GIFs, and more!

Adding fuel to your efforts, the Brewers Association will execute social media buys, email promotions, and targeted press outreach.

Start Banging the Drum Now

There is one simple trick to any successful marketing campaign, and it goes beyond catchy copy and slick graphic design (as powerful as those things are). We’re talking about repetition. Getting the word out today, tomorrow, and the next day. And the next. The hifalutin term is “effective frequency“—the number of times a consumer needs to hear a message before taking action.

The upshot? If you’re going to make hay of the second annual Small Brewery Sunday, the time to start promoting your brewery is now — and steadily through to November 29.

Show of hands: Who is going to participate in Small Brewery Sunday this year? Let us know here!

P.S. We realize not every brewery is open on Sundays, but if last year’s campaign is any guide, the grassroots energy around Small Brewery Sunday, and the awareness that it generates during the month of November, will pay dividends regardless a brewery’s operating hours.

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