Brewers Association Draught Line Safety Course Graduates First Cohort

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The Brewers Association, supported by funding from the Department of Labor, completed the first of six scheduled trainings in 2021. The two-week long instructor facilitated course, “Hazard Reduction Practices for Cleaning Draught Beer Lines,” guides students through three online learning modules covering foundational draught line cleaning mechanics with emphasis on risk prevention and OSHA compliance.

About the Training Program

The course was carefully constructed to accommodate the schedule of a busy professional, pairing state of the art video content with reading and writing assignments that can be completed at the student’s leisure. Matt Stinchfield, Brewers Association Safety Ambassador, is the lead instructor for the course and brings over thirty years of experience in environmental health and safety programming. While the online portion is self-paced, please note that this training program is rigorous and grounded in safety principles. All students who complete the learning modules and pass a final knowledge assessment will receive a certificate of completion.

Limited capacity. Registration open while supply lasts.

Draught Line Safety Course Testimonials

“Congratulations to the Brewers Association for developing this crucially important informative and interactive course! The detailed content, combined with Matt’s clear delivery of the lectures taught me so many things! I highly recommend this course to those involved in any aspect of managing and maintaining draught systems.”

Annette May, Advanced Cicerone®, Faculty Schoolcraft College Brewing Technology Program/Beer Service & Draught Management

“Whether you’re an owner, operator, or just starting out in the industry, the Draught Line Safety Course is a one stop shop to keep you, your accounts, or your staff pouring the best quality beer in the safest of ways. Many people shy away from learning how to clean a draught system. Matt Stinchfield breaks down the technical information that intimidate so many into a way that is guaranteed to make anyone with a draught system feel confident in their abilities to safely clean and maintain their lines. Brewers and beer drinkers rejoice!”

Adam Dulye, Co-Author of the Beer & Food Course and Executive Chef for the Brewers Association

“The information in this course is exactly what was needed for me to understand what is required and to be confident that what I’m doing will be an asset to my employer. Thanks!”

Robert Perry, Service Manager, Farrell Distributing

“As a new brewery, I thought this course was great and I would like all of our employees to complete the training program. Starting off on the right foot with the appropriate training and documentation is a great outcome.”

Mark Silverstein, Co-Founder, Wheelie Pop Brewing

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