Sustainability Manuals

The solutions outlined in these sustainability manuals apply to all breweries, regardless of location and operational size. Topics like water and wastewater efficiency, energy reduction and solid waste management are outlined, and spreadsheets and checklists are provided.

Water & Wastewater Sustainability Manual

Despite significant improvement over the last 20 years, water consumption and wastewater disposal remain environmental and economic hurdles. Learn about effective water and wastewater management solutions in the craft brewers segment, regardless of location, operational size or current initiatives.

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Solid Waste Sustainability Manual

Learn about craft brewers' innovative and impactful solutions for waste management, which reach beyond a simple reduction of waste to landfill, and lead to operating cost reductions, new sources of revenue and new community and image building initiatives.

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Energy Sustainability Manual

Learn best practices for energy efficiency and conservation that can easily be incorporated into daily brewery operations, as well as solutions that reach beyond greehouse gas reduction and lead to operating cost reductions, additional sources of income and new community initiatives.

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