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Crafting Regular Customers

Chris and Ryan will discuss customer service to encourage high-frequency visits in brewpubs and tasting rooms. Come learn how to make your brewpub or tasting room a second living room.

Menu Design and Pricing Strategy

From the dollar sign to the position on the page, little things can have a big impact on your bottom line. Join this fast-paced session to see how some small changes can add up to …More

Solutions for the Small Brewer

Start-up. Nano. Brewpub. You’ve got the big stuff figured out, but what about the endless small stuff that there are no commercially available and affordable solutions for? We have you covered!

Taproom, Brewpub, and Kitchen Safety Roundtable

With increasing emphasis on direct beer sales at taprooms, brewpub, and restaurants, employees and owners cannot ignore safety issues pertinent to retail operations. Panelists from a single-unit brewpub, a brewpub chain, and a national beer-focused …More

What’s on Tap: A Look into On Premise

Craft beer growth is slowing, while at the same time more and more brewers are entering the market—all looking to gain space and access to coveted tap handles in bars and restaurants. But is more …More

Creating Your Brewpub Experience

With the battle for tastebuds ever growing between brewpubs, tasting rooms, wineries, and distilleries, there are plenty of ways to make your brewpub shine above the competition. We’ll explore options and techniques to differentiate your …More

Leading in Beer and Food Pairing

Join this essential seminar to hear the latest on beer and food pairing from the Beer & Food Working Group participants (American Society of Brewing Chemists, Brewers Association/, Cicerone, and Denver Museum of Nature & …More

Marketing: Getting People in the Door

Get people into your brewery with strategic marketing. Learn how to utilize unconventional methods, social media, and technology to market your brewpub without spending tons of money.

Valuation of an Existing Brewpub

Most entrepreneurs are great at starting a business, but few understand how to determine the value of their largest asset. More importantly, understanding what drives that value will often lead to changes in the management …More

Alternative Marketing for Brewpubs

This seminar will explore non-traditional methods of marketing to increase revenue, improve operations, and build brand loyalty. Industry experts will discuss their ideas including spicing up your brewery tour, partnering with local organizations, and more.

Brewpub Sustainability

Don’t leave money on the table! This seminar is focused on the small things that are greater than their sum when it comes to brewing sustainably, running a restaurant sustainably, and thus keeping the business …More

The Cost of Opening a Brewery: 3 Perspectives

Three brewery owners with three very different approaches lay out the costs involved in building a brewery. Sean takes you through his experience and the costs of “boot-strapping” his brewery’s path to operations. Scott provides …More

BA Brewpub Server Training Manual Panel

This seminar will present and discuss the first edition of the Beer Server Training Manual, which describes strategies and tools for brewpub and brewery owners and managers who perform staff training or would like to …More