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may june 2022 the new brewer micros
The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue


Microbreweries—those that produce fewer than 15,000 barrels annually and sell less than 25% of that production onsite—saw production volume increase by 11%.

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The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue


Across the country, microbreweries facing widespread shutdowns and business restrictions just a couple of months into the year found ways to adjust and innovate.

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The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue


With 2,058 microbreweries operating in 2019 among 8,275 breweries, the definition of “local” continues to tighten every year, creating a competitive challenge.

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The New Brewer: Sustainability Issue

Beyond Metrics

A growing number of breweries who are fully committed to the triple bottom line are taking the next step and becoming Certified B Corporations.

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The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue

Micros: Driving Craft Growth

Microbreweries are now the primary engine in craft growth. Seventy-eight percent of craft beer growth in 2016 came from breweries that sold fewer than 15,000 barrels.

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The New Brewer: Technical Brewing/Brewery Operations Issue

The Numbers Game: Understanding Financial Strategy for Your Brewery

Brewing is a capital-intensive industry, so it's imperative to follow a path that brings the greatest return while conserving or boosting cash. Cash is the key to survival.

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The New Brewer: Technical Brewing Issue

Continuous Improvement: Tools for Solving Problems in the Brewery

Ninkasi Brewing has adopted a mentality of continuous improvement—also known as lean manufacturing—to help solve its operational challenges.

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The New Brewer: Industry Review Issue


Not only did more microbreweries open than ever before in 2015, but more also grew into regional breweries. Still, the category grew an impressive 24 percent.

Displaying results 1-10 of 15