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Getting The Most Out of Your Hemocytometer

Focusing on yeast health and pitching rates can impact quality throughout the brewing process. This presentation reviews traditional yeast counting and pitching rates for primary fermentation and introduces techniques to fine-tune flavor and brewery processes, ultimately giving the brewer more …Read More

Barley Farming

Dan and a panel of farmers and brewers will discuss farm economics and the farm planning cycle. When do farmers decide on growing decisions, GMOs, quality and the impact on pricing from potential loss of support in the farm bill? …Read More

Origins of Malt Flavor and Malt Varieties for Craft Brewers

Malt flavor and composition differ by variety. Do you know how they impact the taste and shelf-life of your unique craft beer brand? Two leading experts combine forces to discuss basics of flavor development in malt, malt variety choices and …Read More

Fresh Beer, Fresh Ideas!

Fresh beer is neither achieved by accident, nor by focusing only on a single part of the brewing process. Breweries can produce the freshest beer by controlling a number of freshness points in the brewing process. This talk will highlight …Read More

Using Spectrophotometry to Improve Your Brewing Process

This seminar helps small, expanding breweries diagnose brewing issues with a spectrophotometer and discusses how to correct those issues and grow into the process when capacity increases. The seminar includes methods for determining IBUs, oxidative precursors, FAN, polyphenols (tannins) and …Read More

Maintaining Quality in the Field

This Seminar will discuss how to develop a post-brewery quality program. As the craft beer industry grows, craft brewers are spreading their wings and distributing their products further from their brewery than ever before. They are assembling teams in the …Read More

Malt Analysis

Ron Ryan discusses malt analysis line items and specifications to assist in determination of characteristics for beer flavors and malt selection. Read More

Dry Hopping Techniques

Experts Tom Nielson and Vinnie Cilurzo cover the dry hop process procedures and resulting beer flavor and aroma attributes of different dry hopping methods ranging from small to large scale and with differing hop materials. Read More

How To Secure Raw Materials and Ingredients

As more brewies enter the market, they may need to compete for limited raw materials. This presentation gives brewery start-ups the information needed to secure raw materials. Read More

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