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Glass and Cans: A Moderated Discussion

Wired contributing editor and Slate and New York Times columnist Brendan Koerner moderates a debate between beer can and glass bottle suppliers as they discuss the benefits of each package type and are challenged on perceived drawbacks. Read More


Troubleshooting Panel

With the combined experiences of these technical brewery experts, there will not be many problems this panel cannot address. Bring your troubleshooting questions and learn from their experience. Read More


Fresh Beer, Fresh Ideas!

Fresh beer is neither achieved by accident, nor by focusing only on a single part of the brewing process. Breweries can produce the freshest beer by controlling a number of freshness points in the brewing process. This talk will highlight …Read More


Natural Resource Management: A Team-Based

Speakers will outline the work of New Belgium Brewing employess to develop a cross-functional, team-oriented approach to manage day-to-day consumption of natural resources. Learn tips and ideas to create your own Natural Resource Management team. Read More

Efficient Lautering
The New Brewer: Technical Brewing Issue

Keys to Fast, Efficient Lautering

The goal of lautering is to separate the wort from the grain as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving money for the brewer in the form of increased grain yield.

Displaying results 191-200 of 212