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US Hops 2016
Industry Updates

Hop Grower Codes

The Brewers Association encourages brewers to develop stronger relationships with their hop growers. Understanding hop grower codes is just one component.Read More

Efficient Hop Flavor

In a world of ever-increasing competition, brewers are seeking more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce flavorful beer. Hop pellets have been the traditional means by which brewers have imparted bitterness, taste, and aroma during the beer production. However, …Read More

Getting the Most from Your Hops: Oil Components, Behavior in Beer and Understanding Certificates of Analysis for Modern Recipe Design | Presented by Yakima Chief Hops [Sponsored]

Which hops make the most impact in the kettle, whirlpool, and dry hop? In this seminar, the Yakima Chief Hops Technical Solutions team discusses recent research in hop compounds, specifically flavors and aromas that translate into beer character. They cover …Read More

Researcher Presentations

Researcher Presentation: Developing Fertility and Pest Management Strategies to Optimize Hop Yield and Minimize Environmental Impact Growing hops in temperate climates, like the Northeast, presents both agronomic and environmental challenges to growers. Add an increasingly erratic climate to the mix and …Read More

Public Hop Breeding: Experimental Hop Varieties… and Free Beer!

Public hop breeding and research have been reinvigorated with Brewers Association investment and recent congressional appropriations. Learn about public hop research from breeder, grower, brewer and industry-wide perspectives. Then enjoy beers made with promising experimental hop varieties and hear from …Read More

Hop Contracting is So Yesterday – NOT

Hop contracting remains the single tool allowing craft brewers of all sizes to ensure access to the hop varieties they cherish for their beer brands. Hop growers will only produce the hops you need until you ask them to do …Read More

Understanding Pure Distilled Hop Oils

Brewers have seen reduced filtration losses along with IBU retention by substituting dry-hopping pellets with pure steam-distilled hop oils. More beer means more revenue per batch. Read More

Dry-hopping Beer and Achieving Consistent Flavor

Learn how popular hop cultivars respond to late vs. dry-hopping; how hop quality and dry-hopping rate impact aroma intensity; and why unintended bitterness, refermentation, and diacetyl can occur. Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 30