Beer in a Time of Disruption: Know Your Legal Options

The Brewers Association is providing all COVID-19 resources for free so everyone has access to important information to help them weather the pandemic.

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In this webinar, beer attorney Mike Drumm covers all the basics you need to consider as you prepare to weather the COVID-19 storm. He discusses essential topics, such as:

  • Preserving and securing additional capital
  • How to reach out to your distributor
  • Insurance policies and options
  • Lease considerations like rent abatement or deferral, force majeure, casualty clauses, and more
  • Personal guarantees vs. entity guarantees
  • …and more!

You can also download a copy of the presentation. A full Q&A document will be published shortly.

About the Speaker

Mike Drumm, Founder and Attorney,

When Mike worked in downtown Denver at a big law firm, he parked across the street from Great Divide Brewing Company. This choice parking (and Great Divide’s four free samples a day) led Mike to begin Mike is most proud of being a father of three and of hearing “you don’t remind me of a lawyer” when he meets people. Mike works with and has given presentations to breweries across the country.

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