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Features exclusive content available to BA members only, including extensive statistical data, presentation archives, technical information (covering hops, keg repatriation, and other topics), message boards and committee meeting minutes.

The New Brewer

One subscription to The New Brewer magazine and access to The New Brewer Online.

Brewers Association Forum

One subscription to the Brewers Association Forum, a daily, moderated email digest connecting you to over 12,800 participating members.

Industry Statistics

Annual Beer Industry Production Survey reports the growth of craft beer industry; featured in the May/June issue of The New Brewer.

Professional E-Conference Series: Power Hour

Power Hour is an online, interactive teleconference series on regulatory, marketing and other information six times per year.

Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America®

Registration discounts of $220-$245 per person for the full conference rate at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America.

Brewers Publications

A discount of 50% off the current Brewers' Resource Directory, as well as pre-publication releases.


American Craft Beer Week

Promotion and coordination of American Craft Beer Week celebrating the flavor and diversity of domestic beers.

Great American Beer Festival℠

The opportunity to purchase Saturday Members-only Session of the Great American Beer Festival (up to two tickets). Exposure to 49,000 beer enthusiasts.

Craft Brewing Fact Sheet

Biannual mailings of comprehensive analysis reports of the craft brewing community.

North American Brewery Update

Biannual communication of brewery openings and closings.


Electronic Member Mailings

Updates on beer industry trends and information on Brewers Association events and projects.

Access to Brewers Association Informational Services

Access to beer industry data from the Brewers Association library.

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Free for members. The Brewers' Resource Directory is a comprehensive industry reference for brewers, owners, buyers, marketers, managers, and brand managers from the worldwide brewing industry.
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